Registered users of Zecoex will be receiving HUT tokens in a free Airdrop.

Heluss disrupts the insurance industry by transforming how the policy work by utilizing the blockchain technologies, smart contracts and AI in claims management.

Heluss is taking back to its roots…. Serving the community

Their mission is to redefine the insurance industry by monetizing premiums and creating liquidity within the policy holder’s community.

They will be focusing on the travel insurance industry. As their community grows and our capital base increases, they will introduce Home insurance, Auto insurance and Loan insurance.

Zecoex on the other hand is a crypto exchange with high liquidity and variety of coins. They keep your data safe with technology measures such Web Application Firewall, Data Encryption at Rest & in Motion, 2FA, Threat and Anomaly Detection Tools. They keep your crypto funds safe in cold wallet in an offline environment, away from the internet.

Heluss partners with Zecoex to release HUT tokens for airdrop.

The airdrop begins from 22nd August till 7th September. People with registered Zecoex I’d must join the Zecoex Telegram group and Heluss Telegram group in order to claim the airdrop. Airdrop is valid for first 5000 users.


  • First 2500 users will get 100 tokens each as reward.
  • Next 2500 users will get 50 tokens each as reward.


Have cryptocurrencies reached a tradeable situation yet, or are we in for more irrational stunts?

Finally it appears that cryptocurrencies are starting showing some rational behaviour. Yes, the volatility is still there, but it is becoming reasonable by the day. We still have huge upward movements and retracements, but we perhaps have a semblance of order creeping in now, I believe.

Take a look at the following charts. There were three major events in 2017 alone, and frankly speaking, 2017 has been perhaps the most eventful year in the history of cryptocurrencies, particularly bitcoin.

In the first case, Bitcoin civil war between developers and miners sets a meltdown in bitcoin, taking it from $3k to $2k in a single day.

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