Get Ready to Thrive with Our HUT’s Loyalty Program & Trading Contest!

Hey! Potential customers 👋

we, here at Zecoex👈 have thrilled you with our most celebrated campaign of ‘Heluss Airdrop’ 😎much for a while now.

We have started this campaign of free distribution of digital cryptocurrencyon 22nd of this month and see, how far we have come. Many cryptocurrency enthusiasts have enrolled in this respective campaign and has taken back home the treasure of ample of crypto coins. ⚡

Well! The success attained has pushed us to altogether jump into a new act of giving out. With our Heluss(HUT)👈 coin going live on our site today, we are set to launch another happening initiatives soon!

(This will be our quirky ‘Loyalty Programme’ which is soon to take its form from 1st September.)

Customers who will get to be a part of our ‘Loyalty Programme’👈 will be the ones who have stocked tons of Heluss Tokens in their individual Zecoex wallets.

The overall rush of counting your earned tokens begins from the very start of this upcoming month i.e., 1st September. The respective participation for this is only accepted before or till 1st week of the upcoming month.

So, you must hurry! 😎

⚡We will be thrilling our customers with 40% reward after the completion of Phase1 and the next 60% reward after the other Phase2 .

⚡ Another advantage of our loyalty program is that you can continue to trade and earn rewards while maintaining your weekly average balance required for program .

This what makes our effort compelling and beneficial at the same time!

‘Loyalty Programme’ which is soon to take its form from 1st September.


Another function on the run is our ‘Trading Contest’ 😎 for our infant cryptocurrency i.e., HUT. It’s really going to be a win-win thing for each and every one. Duly note, here, that we are going to commemorate this from 10th September and it’s going to last till 17th September; simply going to amaze every spectator.

Isn’t this is mouthful for a single take! Our Heluss Airdrop campaign is still on the go lasting till 7th September. Soon, you will be benefited with our next things on the row i.e., HUT oriented ‘Loyalty Programme’ & ‘Trading Contest’!


Stay connected, updated and thriving with us!🚀😎