Announcement | Heluss Airdrop Event At Zecoex

Hey everyone! 🤚 We have something very exciting to share 🤩

“Heluss Airdrop Event” at Zecoex is going to start from 22nd Aug 2018 to 7th Sep2018💫

How To Join Heluss Airdrop At Zecoex. All steps need to be completed to receive Helus Tokens :

Join Zecoex (@itszecoex) and HUT Telegram groups (@HelussProject)
2. Go to and click on Airdrop button (left hand side on homepage)
3. Submit your Zecoex registered email id and your telegram user id of Zecoex and Hellus (both are required)

NOTE : Make sure to use the same telegram user id at “Zecoex and Heluss” telegram group to participate in airdrop event

👉 Airdrop will end on 7th September


Not only this Heluss is also going to be listed at Zecoex on 27th August 2018 with TUSD, BTC & INR pairs



TrueUSD (TUSD) Trading Goes Live 🚀!!!

TrueUSD (TUSD) trading is now live at Zecoex Crypto Currency Exchange, pair with INR. You can invest and withdraw in INR under Zecoex P2P settlement system. For more information about how to withdraw and deposit TrueUSD through Zecoex P2P you can read here 

Trade TrueUSD (TUD) at Zecoex

Trade TrueUSD and refer your friend at Zecoex to win a chance of $1.

You will be able to buy, sell and trade TUSD against TNR: TUSD-INR.

Move your TUSD coin in your Zecoex wallet as soon as possible to avoid facing delays in trading TUSD.

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